Wild Thoughts

The theme for this month is Wild Thoughts. Many of us cannot get control of our lives because of our wild, wild thoughts. Have you ever found yourself sitting in a daydream? It is like you came out of it and completely forgot where you were? Have you ever thought about something so much (good or bad) that it actually came to life for you? Our thoughts are powerful and as we begin a new month of a new year, it is important for us to take control of those Wild Thoughts.

The things that we think have more power than we really know. This is why affirmations and our speech is so important. We can reverse our thinking just based on reversing what we say. Whether you believe it or not, if you continue to say it, you will become it. Psalm 33:6 says, “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made…” If the Lord made the heavens just by speaking, how much power do you think you have when speaking?

James 3 talks a lot about our tongues and how much power it has. Before you even speak a word, you had to think about it first. It is funny when people blurt out things and make the statement, “Oh did I say that out loud?” Yes you did, but you thought about it first.

When we allow our thoughts to run wild, we can lead ourselves into dark places that are very hard to get out of. Sometimes we find ourselves going in cycles simply because we have not gotten our thought life right. In order to change your thoughts, you first have to change what you are listening to and seeing. Most of the images in our mind are a reflection of the things that we listen to and see.

Transparent moment: Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. It is full of women arguing and wanting to fight. I thought there was no harm in it, but subtly I began to think about how I would snap back if this or that happened. Words I don’t even normally say began to flood my mind. I realized that watching those things were sending my thoughts into a wild place.

Have you ever thought that maybe you cannot get your life and attitude under control because you simply cannot get your thoughts under control? It is time for us to get control of our thought life and thought processes. It is time out for allowing our thoughts to run wild like weeds. Weeds come and choke up the growing plants. If they are not cut off, it will spread throughout the whole garden and will prevent the ground from producing what it should produce.

When we don’t get control of our thoughts, it will prevent us from producing what we are supposed to produce. We should be people that bear fruit- we should be growing and sprouting and flourishing. It is time to get control of your wild thoughts so that you can truly fulfill the purpose and plan God has for your life this year. No more cycles and circles. It is time for divine acceleration in your life, but it starts with your thoughts.


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