Push Through

It’s been a long time since I have ran 2 miles. I used to run a lot but I kind of stopped. When I started my run today I was really tired and it was still pretty hot. I said maybe I will do just 1 mile, but with each step I felt I could go a little further. With each hill I told myself we got to make it to the top because we won’t stay down here. I made up my mind to Push Through.
In the last few weeks I have really stopped and allowed myself to feel again. I have allowed myself to take up the rug that I have swept so much under and start exposing it not necessarily to people, but to God!
Although I was progressing on the physical end or to the eye there was a lot of hidden things I wasn’t allowing myself to deal with. I found myself constantly hitting these walls and trying to figure out why I was feeling all over the place. It was because my mind and emotions were still in a place I physically left.
It is one thing to push through with the physical body but it is another to get your mind, will, and emotions on the same page as your physical members. There is a mental push that has to take place to get out of the place that had you buried.
I’ve taken so many losses and there are times I can’t remember what it feels like to win. I’ve felt pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, yet I push through.
In all the places and areas I felt like I lost, I can at least count a win. You might say how is that?
No I didn’t get that job (1L), but a new opportunity is being made (1W), I suffered heartbreak (1L), but I didn’t lose my mind (1W), yes I got divorced (1L), but I’m still living (1W), my business is thriving (1W), I’m blessed with a new vehicle (1W), the wounds still hurt (1L), but I’m healing (1W), I was abandoned by man (1L), but never by God (2W’s)- that deserved a double win.
If I add that up, so far I’m at 5L’s and 8W’s. Which means I’m still winning.
Sometimes we see our L’s as set backs but in reality there is always something we gain. One of my first blog posts I said ‘I can never lose what you thought!’ This is still true. Even in what seems like a loss, you win!
No more beating yourself up or beating yourself down. Slowing down to take care of you, to sweep under the rug, or to heal is not a setback but a set up for a greater level of prosperity. There are hills to climb and although it may feel weary, make up your mind that you are getting to the top. You will push through and you will overcome. You are further than you were and you can go further than you think!
Don’t Stop! Push Through!

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