Protect Your Peace

In lieu of our subject K.T.S.E, I wanted to talk about Protecting your Peace in this season. Some of you may have gotten a hold to a peace that you have never had before and it is time to KTSE going into the new year. Some of you are still trying to obtain peace. The question is what is disturbing your peace? Let’s talk about it.

Sometimes a lack of peace is a matter of an internal war going on within us. For me personally, anxiety and worry are two of the biggest things that disturb my peace. I am one that is always trying to figure things out. Sometimes my mind is racing and I can’t even rest, but I am learning to turn my mind off, slow down, and breath. Maybe your issue is self-confidence. When we don’t know who we are, it can really disrupt our peace because there is a war on the inside of us to try to overcompensate for areas that we think we lack in. I pray that you grab a hold to a peace that surpasses your understanding.

Lack of peace is also an external issue. When things are going haywire around us, sometimes it is very difficult to find peace and stay in that place of peace. It is possible to be at peace even when everything around you is going crazy. It is important to learn how to take everything that is going on externally and put it in its right categories. Sometimes we worry too much about things that really aren’t important. Typically starting out a new year, we see a lot of posts about finding new friends and this and that. I want to ask why wait until the new year? If people around you are disturbing your peace, cut them off now, don’t wait until the new year to do it. Protect Your Peace.

It may be time to change your circle and adjust those around you. You cannot continue to allow yourself to be a casualty to everybody’s personal wars. You are not a trash can that people can just dump on and then leave. It is time to get people in your life that you not only pour into, but they can pour into you too. There are those that we are assigned to and God wants us to pour into and help, but that is not EVERYBODY. Learn to accurately weigh people in your life this season. Being a 15yr friend or being family does not mean they deserve access to you, especially if they are disrupting your peace.

Protect Your Peace as this year is coming to a close. Stop letting others get you frazzled and frustrated. Stop worrying yourself out of your own peace. Whatever is causing you to be frustrated, anxious, and nervous, it is time to deal with. Maybe you need to get back into the presence of God and lay it down before him. Be intentional about who deserves your time and who is in your space. KTSE!


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