Love Is…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Most of the time we look at today as a day of love. Since we are in the series of #wildthoughts, I thought I would pose a question- What is love to you? What does love look like? I have asked myself this question many times. Sometimes our thoughts run wild with the ideas of love and what love is. But, what we imagine love to be, is not always the reality of it. So, what is love? What should love look like? To be honest, I believe it is different for everyone but in this post I am going to give my viewpoint of love.

Having been married, I experienced an aspect of love and what love is, but love did not look the way I thought it should. The question for myself was, was I expecting too much or was I expecting the right thing with the wrong person? Maybe the answer was a little bit of both. People say love shouldn’t hurt but the reality is, it does. Love is hard because we are trying to love imperfect people perfectly. Many of us don’t even love ourselves properly and we jump into these relationships looking for love and wanting to be loved and expecting to be healed. But, it doesn’t work that way.

In the Bible there are many different types of love that we won’t get into now, but the way you love your spouse is not the same way you love your coworker or the way you love your sibling is not the same way you love a stranger. Knowing the different types of love will help us understand better how to love.

Love is a decision. Love is a choice. If it is forced, is it really love? We say so easily I love you, but do we understand the gravity and the weight of what that means. They say love is blind, but is it really? Or is it that we know what we know and we see what we see, but we are able to look beyond it because of love. Maybe what we feel isn’t love at all and it’s really just lust. Lust can look a lot like love but it is centered around ungodly desires and passions that go against God’s desires for us.

Love is peace. Thinking about my desires as it pertains to my next relationship, I want an aspect of love to be peace for me. The best way I can put it is through a visual… I think about Superman and when he left from home he would have to put his cape on and take his glasses off and be strong for everyone else, but when he came home to Lois Lane, he could take that cape off and just be vulnerable and be himself. To me that was the epitome of “Be His Peace.” I want love to bring me home to a place of peace. I want love to say in this home you can take your cape off and lay your head on my shoulder or my lap and be vulnerable and know that I got you.

Love is…

There was a TV show that was out not too long ago called Love Is… and it was such a beautiful depiction of what love looked like and in many cases love didn’t feel good and it was burdensome, but the couple in the story kept pressing because of love. Even though the show was cancelled, those episodes really had me thinking. Love is not always easy, and it is not always flowers and roses. Sometimes love is going into warfare for your spouse. Sometimes love is having a meal sitting criss cross apple sauce on the floor because you don’t have living room furniture yet, sometimes love is crying on each other’s shoulder and sometimes love is as simple as laying in the bed of the truck and looking at the stars.

Love Is…

Think about love and what love is to you. For my singles, begin to pray about the love that you desire and seek God to bring in the love that he desires for you. For those of you in relationships analyze it from that perspective of love. Is this really how I want love to look and is this really how love should look.

But today be encouraged in love and if it comes from no one else, know that God loves you. It sounds so cliche, but He really does and even in moments where you feel lonely, allow his love to wrap you up and cover you.

Love Is…


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