Above The Clouds

Whenever I am on a flight, I seem to get a lot of inspiration. Flying above the clouds puts things into a totally different perspective. In my book Take This Cup, I mentioned that when you change your perspective, you will change your life.

The things that seemed so big and overwhelming before looks quite small when you are 10,000 miles above ground. Not only that, but you are able to see more. You really get a bird’s eye view; a better picture of the landscape.

Sometimes we can allow life to completely overwhelm us and make us feel so small and inferior. Begin to get a bird’s eye view on things. Come up to a higher level in your thinking and begin to see the whole picture. When you get the whole view, you can see more clearly what is really going on.

Sometimes we miss the whole picture because we are so focused on one piece of it. If you walk into a museum and walk right in front of a picture, you will only see part of it. You do not get a chance to behold its full beauty. Getting up close to a picture like that may also make you think the picture is ugly because all you may see is a blob of color. It may even look pixelated. You can only gain a complete view on it by stepping back, typically behind the line they set.

There are a lot of things that come to cloud our judgment. Fog and smoke screens can sometimes be put in our way to make us afraid, but it is really only an illusion. Stop falling for the traps of an illusion. Illusions come to trick our minds. When  you watch a magician do a magic trick, you think they have defied the laws of science, when in actuality all they have done was make your eyes trick your mind into thinking they did. I watched this video on Facebook and this guy was doing all of these magic tricks that initially had the viewer amazed, but he had a friend behind him that would expose the secrets behind his tricks.

Imagine the devil being the one doing the tricks and God is that friend showing you that it is not real; it is merely an illusion.

Just know whatever you are facing is temporary. The pain, hurt, disappointment you may feel is real, but it will not last forever. Most things come to test our faith and patience but God is coming to bring complete clarity and vision to your life. A lot of things are coming to just distract us from what God is trying to do in our lives. If the enemy has your mind, he can control your life.

So many times we end up talking ourselves out of what God has called us to do. It is time to no longer let doubt and fear set in. It is time to change our perspective and look at things above the clouds. You will begin to see that entrance exam is not that hard, your marriage is more beautiful than you expected, or you are a lot more stronger than you think.

Change your perspective and you will change your life.


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